Frequently asked questions about online blackjack


When casino games became a hit within digital platforms, software developers were quick to add more options and update and improve the pioneers. Going from poker to slot machines, roulettes, craps and, of course, blackjack was added.

Although this happened in the decade of the twentieth century, nowadays it is possible to continue appreciating the constant changes and progress with regard to graphics and animations of online games. Blackjack, tables in the third dimension and games in real time are exciting and is getting popular.

From a technological point of view, the changes are more than appreciable. However, what really fascinates blackjack fans is the essence of the game, unperturbed even in the most advanced online casino platforms. Beyond bonuses and some plays, there are no drastic changes.

However, this does not mean that all questions are resolved. Online blackjack, in terms of strategy, licenses and payment methods, brings frequent questions among users, especially those who have never entered a game room on the Internet.

Compiling this information from forums, blogs and comments sections in several gaming sites, the list of these questions is presented below, naturally accompanied by their respective response.

How legal is blackjack on the Internet?

This question abounds in quantity and, to answer it, it does not need anything more than to refer to the laws, specifically those that are in the jurisdiction of a certain county, city or country.

Currently, there is no law that prohibits or considers illegal to play blackjack online at a New Zeland online casino, especially if the game is free and there is no money involved – the most advisable way to play it.

In the case of the United States, whose Act of Execution of the Games of Chance sanctions transactions of funds of some gambling halls, it is not contemplated in any way that playing blackjack is a crime. In fact, together with the United Kingdom and some Asian countries, the world’s great power is positioned as one of the regions that most consumes – legally – leisure activities on the Internet.

Many people, in that sense, enter into blackjack contests without fear, while others maintain their reservations about the game. However, what US laws veto are real money bets on sports games. Unless it is an authorized platform, they are prohibited in a large part of the country and players should be alert to scam if the case arises.

Anyway, to dispel all doubts and play with full confidence, it does not hurt that users consult the laws of their country or a lawyer to determine how legitimate it is to go to these practices, especially when you are going to play for real money.

What is the best strategy to play online blackjack?

Before answering this question it is necessary to clarify that online blackjack is a game of negative expectations. In short, players always take the loss no matter how hard they try or what resources they use.

The difference of opportunities between an online room and a real casino is, of course, the possibility of card counting, impossible activity in an online game room.

Although online blackjack is popular, many players who were used to some practices not allowed in online casinos feel discouraged by so many restrictions, for example, the random tracking and notices of the croupier, also non-existent in virtual rooms.

Why are people still playing then? The answer, logically, is because they find it fun.

Is it advisable to play blackjack with a funded account?


When it comes to Internet casino games, there are some with flexibility in options and payments – slots and poker – while others must undergo serious verifications, disbursement processes and cumbersome movements that do not result in anything that can be taken advantage of. And blackjack, unfortunately, is one of these.

In addition to legal restrictions, there is a logistical package that accompanies blackjack. The first thing that players must do, in that sense, is to get a real record in the real casino that pays with real money. If writing is exhausting, in practice it is not different.

Of course, some countries are more permissive in terms of the money that is spent and received on the web, but in other regions with questionable legality of blackjack, it is almost impossible to play with real funds.

In any case, if you focus only on those places where they are admitted, credit cards are the most recommended method, since it is immune to almost all scams and allows you to withdraw money in the shortest possible time. Another way to withdraw the money that has become popular in recent years is through Western Union.

With how much money can you play blackjack?

If a player gets a website where he can play blackjack safely and with real money, the amount of the bet is, of course, the next concern. And in that sense, the limits are very important.

Even if you have a comfortable budget, the best advice for all players is to save their reserves for the amounts they spend, because as mentioned above, online blackjack is a game of negative expectations.

In the case of users who have a limited budget, the best recommendation is to stick to it and not spend an extra penny. That is, do not risk credit that you cannot afford to lose. Winning is fun, but doing it at the expense of the money reserved for other expenses is a vicious circle in which you can easily fall if you are not cautious enough.

What are the best places to play blackjack?

The free ones playing blackjack online, although fun, brings many difficulties at the legal and financial level. Therefore, staying in line with what is harmless is the most effective – and healthy – way to play and have fun at the same time.

In the case of casinos to download, Bodog Casino is the one that offers the best opportunities to its clients; and it is available for MAC and Linux operating systems. If, on the contrary, they pretend to play with an emulator, any computer will admit different versions.