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The internet is now the preferred place for consumers, and our market niche was no exception. We decided to go into online advertising but knew it was easy to go wrong and lose a lot of money. We have therefore entrusted the management of our advertising campaigns to Digital Pitch and are really satisfied with it. Search network advertising allows you to have your ad appear in the top four results of Google. We create and optimise your campaigns to generate the best return on investment.

Our mission is to help you build effective campaigns to generate more sales, leads , and quality traffic to your website. This enables you to precisely target the audience of an advertisement to optimize your return on investment. The management of Google Ads is a continuous process that involves quite a bit of work throughout.

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At the start of the advertising account development process, we research what delivers leads. Our digital marketing team analyzes your products and services to understand the overall value of what you offer. We then conduct keyword research to create lists of keywords that reflect what your business offers. These keywords are very specific and can be converted to leads. Our marketing specialists conduct this process in consultation with our clients. We can provide management services that fit your advertising budget.

Make sure your headline reflects what your user is exactly searching for. The description should be convincing and motivate the user to take action. You can also add so-called extensions, like email, phone, address.

There is no ultimate budget for generating an audience through sponsored links. The level of investment should be based on your ability to convert and your average shopping cart . In the same way, you can count on our SEO / SEA agency to set up your Bing Ads account. Leverage Google’s incredibly large ad network of over two million websites and show yourself wherever your targets are. With Video Ads, we’re also bringing it in front of receptive audiences using YouTube and effectively reaching your goals. Google Ads is the largest advertising distributor in the world, and we can help you benefit from our expertise.

Each implemented campaign corresponds to a business objective which also depends on a clear strategy and pursues specific KPIs. Your daily spend will never exceed the amount set for a given ad. This way, you can better understand the budget of your digital advertising campaign.

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We recommend that you work in parallel with paid SEO optimization to increase your visibility on the first page Google results. This work allows you to keep your site in top position and thus attract quality traffic. Comprehensive Google Adwords optimization involves a comprehensive view of the ads and campaign’s overall performance as well as a thorough analysis of each keyword. Optimization changes can be made to enable or disable keywords, adjust bids, and modify campaign settings.

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