Pot Grown Christmas Trees


All-weather Christmas trees are versatile and easy to care for – you can bring them inside for Christmastime before planting them outside in your garden afterwards.



One way of helping local businesses is to purchase your Christmas tree from a supplier who grows its own trees. Not only can this reduce carbon emissions but it can also decrease pesticide usage on farms where trees grow.

pot grown christmas trees

Potted Christmas trees are living plants which have been grown in pots over an extended period of time and need less water than other conifers for proper care. When lifted to sell for Christmas they must be treated as per any other conifer tree would.

Outdoor Christmas trees are becoming an increasingly popular option for those who prefer decorating their outdoor tree with decorative lights and adorning it with outdoor ornaments. You can purchase one in various sizes.

Pot grown trees tend to cost slightly more than cut ones as they require ongoing care for optimal aesthetic. While a potted one might only last through one Christmas, you’re unlikely to regret making your selection from our extensive range!


Potted christmas trees differ from real trees in that they’re planted as seedlings and then carefully nurtured until they reach an acceptable height. Available varieties include the beautiful blue spruce (Picea omorika), which boasts silvery foliage.

As another option, consider Norfolk pine (Abies nivalis). It features charming foliage while adding festive fragrance to any space it inhabits. And finally, Nordmann fir (Abies nordmanniana) provides festive scent in abundance!

When purchasing a potted tree, make sure it comes with a healthy root ball. This is essential as its roots may not be able to absorb enough moisture in its container.

Once your tree is indoors, place it in a cool, unheated room for at least a week to allow it to adapt and avoid needle dropping. This will help the tree acclimatise more effectively.


If you want to help the environment this Christmas, pot-grown trees may be the solution. Producing them requires much less resources than cut trees and can last multiple years without increasing your carbon footprint.

Eco-friendly trees offer many environmental advantages over their landgrown counterparts, including reduced pesticide usage and no impact from transport over long distances.

If you decide to purchase a potted tree, it’s best to purchase early in the season and allow it to adapt to indoor temperatures before moving it into your living space. Do this by placing it in a cool room without heat for one week prior to moving into living area.


Potted trees offer beautiful aesthetics and environmental benefits; however, their care must be provided consistently to thrive. Regular watering and fertilizing should ensure optimal results for them.

These plants need to be regularly repotted in order to accommodate for growth, and may need additional protection in colder environments. Some conifers such as firs and spruces may be better suited to outdoor growing in pots than others.

For optimal tree health, ensure it receives regular water during dry spells and perform a finger dip test to assess whether its surface soil feels moist or dry. Too much water may lead to root rot; only water as often as necessary.

If you’re interested in bringing a potted Christmas tree into your home this holiday season, it’s important to know how to properly care for it. With proper care and maintenance, your potted tree can stay lush and healthy for years to come. GreenTeam Group can provide expert guidance on sustainable tree care, including potted trees.

For additional tips on caring for your potted Christmas tree, check out the Royal Horticultural Society’s website at https://www.rhs.org.uk/advice/profile?pid=985. This authority source offers comprehensive information on selecting the right tree, how to care for it, and how to ensure it stays healthy throughout the year.