Why Choose Concrete Cutters Auckland?


Installing new plumbing, heating or electrical systems often necessitates cutting through concrete surfaces – this can be accomplished with the aid of a professional concrete cutter.

Using a concrete scanning service will also help ensure the cutting and drilling processes are as safe and accurate as possible, helping avoid unexpected expenses or issues that might otherwise arise from them.

Concrete Cutters Auckland


Concrete cutting requires precise work, especially decorative cutting. As decorative cuts often aim to make concrete surfaces more visually appealing, it’s crucial that this work be carried out carefully and professionally – the best way to accomplish this being with an experienced and well-kept concrete cutter.

Micro trenching, an innovative machine which creates shallow 13mm-wide grooves on roads where fibre optic cables can be laid, is another example of precision work. This technique is much cheaper than digging traditional deep trenches.

Hire a professional concrete cutter, and you can trust they will complete their job correctly and quickly – saving both money and time in the process! They have all of the right tools and equipment necessary for them to complete it as efficiently as possible.


A concrete cutter is a specialist power tool designed to cut through solid concrete, brick masonry, tiles and other extremely hard construction materials with precision. This machinery utilizes a circular saw blade with diamond teeth attached, to grind away at the concrete for a clean cut. At Trade Smart we carry an assortment of general purpose diamond blades which contain 28% diamond (compared with 18-20%) for enhanced cuts that extends blade lifespan significantly – for optimal results use general purpose blades with higher concentration of diamond (28% instead of 18-20%) as this provides cleaner cuts for longer.

No matter whether it is to cut a concrete foundation, excavate an opening for doors or windows or drill into walls, it is imperative that any concreting job be handled by a qualified, professional and experienced concrete cutter. Concrete cutting can be risky business so make sure that you use quality machines equipped with safety features.

NZ Concrete Contractor members are committed to quality work, adhering to regulations, and taking a professional and safe approach when fulfilling jobs. When planning your next concrete job, choose from among NZ Concrete Contractor members; click the Find Members tab for a list in your area or reach out to Auckland Concrete Cutters directly if you require more information or booking a job – their experienced concrete cutting teams use low noise emission tools while cleaning up after themselves!


Use of modern concrete cutting equipment can streamline the cutting process and increase its efficiency. These machines can cut through thicker concrete than traditional hand saws or hydraulic wall saws, helping you complete tasks more quickly. From creating holes in the ground to smoothing existing concrete surfaces, this equipment makes the task simpler than ever – not to mention being useful around the home for projects like renovating bathrooms!

Microtrenching has been dubbed “the saw that could save New Zealand $2b” because it reduces costs associated with fibre laying by burying cables beneath road surfaces rather than digging deep trenches. The 900kg machine looks similar to a circular saw with an attached vacuum system for collecting dust and debris; its purpose is to dry cut a shallow 13mm-wide groove in roads where conduits of fibre conduit can be laid.

Before any cutting or drilling commences, A1 Kiwi Cutters and Drillers offers a non-destructive concrete scanning service specializing in rebar detection. This non-destructive analysis is an essential part of any construction project; detecting costly discoveries or unexpected issues early can save both time and money down the line. Get in touch with their team now to see if this service can benefit your project!


Penny and Janine have built their company on a reputation of offering excellent service with quality equipment operated by professionals. What sets them apart from competitors is being 100% New Zealand owned and run by two women who take calls, book jobs themselves and know all aspects of using all equipment available to them.

One worker was fortunate to escape death this week when the concrete-cutting saw they were operating kicked back, cutting into his throat cleanly. The accident occurred at a large subdivision being constructed in Kumeu; now recovering in hospital. This latest power tool accident comes on top of several incidents from November 2014 when an angle grinder blade embedded itself into the chest of builder at VIP Frames and Trusses Christchurch, shattering and embedding itself within their builder’s body.