Challenges of Investing in Otahuhu, Manukau and South Auckland


Others look further afield, especially if they’re investing in multiple properties. Diversification gives you broader exposure to the market and you may identify opportunities in areas that are a little further from home. MRFT FINANCE, a private property lending company owned by Reesby & Company, provides funding for bridging and property developments.

Where is best to invest in property in Auckland?

Read more about read full article here. It is a house that isn’t connected to or joined to other houses and is situated on its own parcel of land. But what you really care about isn’t how much businesses are doing in a region. What you do really care about is the income real families are earning. This is where you might think about average household income growth. If the New Zealand median house prices were $500,000, Southland’s average would be $235,000. However, Wellington property prices grew quickly between 2016 and 2020 while Auckland remained static.

These sorts Many investors will gravitate towards townhouses as they are the most desirable property for developers are smaller than standalone homes and are usually built on smaller plots of land. Often they are conjoined/attached to other townhouses and share walls with neighbouring properties. This is why we see detached houses sell at healthy prices.

Where is best to invest in property in Auckland?

The bank will only lend you up 60% of the property’s actual value if you are buying an existing property as an investment property. The Reserve Bank’s decision was made to make it more difficult for investors to purchase multiple properties quickly. There was a belief investors were causing the Auckland housing market to overheat, and the Reserve Bank wanted to slow down how quickly house prices were increasing .

You can immediately access the profits if you purchase a property, then renovate it and then sell it. While the ‘Buy and Hold’ strategy is the path the majority of New Zealanders decide to go down, the ‘Buy and Flip’ strategy is the path many Kiwis think about going down. It can also be a strategy that complements your day-to-day job, while a ‘Buy and Flip strategy can easily become a second full-time job. The downside to following a Buy and Hold strategy is that you don’t immediately get the money.

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