Pull & the Semantic Web


This is what people said about Pull when it came out:

Scott Brinker, Chief Marketing Technologist: “I love it. This is exactly what’s needed to bring the conversation about the semantic web to a higher level that marketers and business stakeholders can appreciate.”

Dave McComb, Semantic Arts: “This is a great book for getting a wider audience involved in the Semantic Web. It is very readable and compelling. It’s not technical. It doesn’t say how this technology is going to work, it describes what the impact is going to be.”

Georganna Hancock: “In Pull: The Power of the Semantic Web to Transform Your Business, Siegel explains in very approachable terms how businesses like the book industry are struggling to not only shift paradigms but transform themselves into more efficient and effective business models.”

From the December, 2009 Harvard Business Review: “To Siegel, the semantic web is a vision of the web as it should be, with users extracting information from vast databases, controlling all data about themselves, and being very selective about the marketing messages they draw into their electronic spaces.”

From Booklist: “Siegel envisions the future of “smart computing” which will unfold over the next 10 years, where your data “follows you around” and is accessible from anywhere through the Web, predicting that hardware and operating systems will become obsolete as the Web itself becomes the computer.” … “Some of the trends that Siegel portends have a bit of a “future shock” quality to them, but he seems to want to shrug off the anxieties and focus instead on the possibilities.”

From Publisher’s Weekly: “According to Siegel (Futurize Your Enterprise), the semantic web, a more standardized version of today’s Web where our data will be so precisely parsed as to make logical conclusions possible, will enable our online information to be stored in a personal online locker from birth, keeping all vital information such as addresses automatically updated and vastly streamlining how we do business. He posits that the semantic web will morph our current “push” oriented strategy, in which providers push products and services, to an individually customized economy.”

John Doerr, KPCB: “A seminal work on the semantic web and what it means for business.”

Vinod Khosla: “There are at least ten killer business ideas in here.”

Jay Walker, Priceline: “David Siegel lays out in simple terms the architecture of a revolution that will change all businesses. I recommend it for managers and entrepreneurs who want to get ahead of the next wave.”

Dan Farber, cnet: “Most companies are not prepared for the Semantic Web. Siegel offers
visionary yet practical advice for understanding what it is and how to
build a business case going forward. It’s time for managers to learns
what’s coming and how to respond. Leave this book on the shelf at your
own peril.”

Joe Britt, Microsoft: “This stuff is disruptive. It reminds me of The Road Ahead back in 1995 – a set of useful predictions for what’s coming, and it’s already well under way.”