A second mortgage will still have to pass the usual affordability, advice, and loan to value/equity tests. In any event, the borrower should check first with the original lender to make sure that they will allow a second charge to be taken on the property. It’s therefore, important to know the terms of the first loan. The UK Government’s new equity loan scheme, ‘Help to Buy,’ allows first-time buyers to buy a property new-build with a 5% deposit. The lender will lend up 75% of the loan to value and the government will contribute 20% as an equity loan. This equity loan can be up to 40% of the property’s value in London.

Why not share it with your single friends, or invite people round for dinner and play competitively? The toilet selfies might seem more appealing by the time you’ve completed your card. So if you’re struggling for space, invest in some fun, multi-functional storage that’s pleasing to the eye and keeps your child’s treasures nicely out of sight. Take a trip to Ikea, a child furniture store, for inspiration. Do you spend all of your free time on the water in a kayak or boat? Perhaps it has been a dream come true to be able to purchase a boat.

Split Your Purchases Into 3 Interest

This home shopping option allows you to order the items you desire and pay for them up to 30 days after shipping. Prices for insurance arranged via Safestore starts from £1.55 per week per £1000 of cover required, at any of our stores nationwide. You may need to buy bike storage furniture if you have more than one bike, or if you live in a house with cyclists. This realm includes everything, from freestanding racks that don’t touch the walls to poles that create tension between floor and ceiling. Asgard manufacturers insurance approved bike storage sheds out of heavy-duty metal. You can find sheds in a variety of sizes to fit any number of bikes, from one to eight. Larger versions may require additional ‘police approval certification’.

More information on the documents you need is available on the Money Advice Service website. This information must be verified to protect your transaction. Failure to provide ID documents could cause delays. At various stages of the transaction, you will need to produce documents to prove your identity, address, and information about your source of funds.

Cycloc Endo Wall Mounted Indoor Bike Storage Hooks

DivideBuy will notify you of any changes to your order once you have placed it and paid the first installment. These are used most often in larger houses, in the walls and roof. They have a high R value without being very expensive.

  • You will need plenty of natural light to flood your summer house.
  • Log cabin summer houses look great in any garden and provide plenty of structural rigidity as well as weather resistance.
  • I have also heard of people who don’t enjoy drinking at all.
  • Where you see the Flexi-pay logo you can spread the cost over 2, 3 or 4 instalments, interest-free.
  • The advantage of using a third party is that they do all the negotiating with your creditors, taking away that pain and hassle.

A leasehold property can often take a few weeks longer to purchase than a freehold property due to a number of additional steps in the process. You can find more information about leasehold properties in the government’s How To Lease Guide and the Leasehold Advisory Service. Ground rents and service fees can vary from one property or another. The lease should include details about each.