Who is the World’s First Blogger?

My name is David Siegel. If you are here because you got my business card, you probably want to go to my professional site. Just click on the link at left that says The Power of Pull. If you’re looking for my thoughts on Apple or the economy, they’re at left under “categories.”

I started blogging with this post on August 30, 1995. I define blogging as personal regular (or irregular) writing displayed on web pages (although that definition has broadened somewhat in recent years). I believe I am the fifth person to start blogging.

My latest book is about the shift from pushing information to pulling it – the future of business and information. I’m available for speeches and consulting, and I love startups. In my dream life, I raise a $100 million and start some companies that I think have the potential for huge returns. I don’t imagine you have that much money, but if you do I think I can show you how I can return at least ten times your money within ten years with fairly low risk. Low risk venture fund, you say? Yes, I say. I have a secret money-making weapon that other people don’t have. But it won’t last forever – the time is now.

You can also find me tweeting daily. On Twitter, I’m @pullnews (professional) and @_dsiegel (personal).

I have a lot of thoughts about parenting, entrepreneurship, travel, conferences, speaking, and other topics. I’ll try to start rambling here this summer. Meanwhile, there is a lot here to read. Start by clicking the links in the right hand column on the left side of the page.

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