DISCLAIMER: This public document is not a solicitation for investments in any particular investment. It is for informational purposes only.

In 2005, I started developing a new site based on a new kind of matching engine for the marriage market. I had problems with my lead developer and had to stop development. I am now looking for a partner to take the concepts forward.

Market Opportunity

The idea is to build a competitor to eHarmony that is free and advertising based. eHarmony has over 20 million members, with at least 3 million active members, each paying about $40 for four months of membership. The company is valued at around $1B. This company is number one in the marriage market and no one is in second place. Sites like,, OKCupid, and are in the flirting/dating market, not in the marriage market. The only companies that try to compete with eHarmony are,,, JDate, and a few others.

A Better Solution

I have developed a revolutionary new matching engine that will provide MUCH better matches than eHarmony’s. At the moment, eHarmony screens people and provides a very limited set of matches. Many people report being frustrated that eHarmony doesn’t let them find the person they are looking for. My matching engine is geared toward long-term compatibility and can even be used by offline matchmakers. I have developed the matching engine but it hasn’t been tested at scale yet.

I have a revolutionary online advertising model that is nothing like today’s online ads. It’s fun, engaging, and finely tuned to the information we have about the people using the site.

I have developed a supplementary revenue model that should be popular and provide the site with all the cash it needs as it grows. If it works, we’ll put in cash once and then won’t ever need cash again. I believe it will work.

I have developed a fundamentally different online visual experience. The interface is already completely designed.

I have a great domain name - I purchased this domain several years ago, and it continues to generate traffic.

I have found an insanely great CEO, who has great credibility in the online dating industry. I have a great team of people who have worked on the project and would like to see it continue. We are looking for a 3rd founder to come help us build our revolutionary online advertising network. We need someone extraordinary, who has vision and passion for helping companies prove and measure the effectiveness of their brands and who has experience in online deployment of survey tools, customer satisfaction tools, banner ads, or interstitials.

Looking for a Partner

I’m looking for an investor who wants to get into the online marriage market and go after eHarmony. I am willing to contribute cash, code, intellectual property, application development, and a marketing and roll-out program. I believe could be a home run. I am willing to talk with any investor who is interested in taking the lead on this project.