The Pull Twitter Appreciation Contest!

September 1, 2010

NOTE: CONTEST EXTENDED – OCT 1st is the last day of this contest!

Here’s the problem with my book: it’s aimed at a business audience. Business people who read it love it, but it’s not an easy read. There are a lot of new terms and concepts to learn. That makes it far too much work for journalists, whose job is to crank out a book review once in a while and cover Facebook, Apple, Google, and a small number of well known companies the rest of the time, grinding out the same news as everyone else. They just don’t have time to look at a book about the future from someone who’s only written three previous bestsellers. So the business community doesn’t know that my book exists. Business school professors should read it, but they don’t know about it. CEOs should read it, but they don’t know about it. All venture capitalists should read it, but they don’t know about it. I need to get the word out somehow. So I’ve decided to have a contest.

Every weekday in September (except the 7th), I’m going to send someone a copy of my book, Pull. Your chances of winning are quite good, because on any given day not that many people will enter. (I am indebted to Scott Bourne for this contest idea – if you are a photographer you should definitely follow him.) Here are the contest rules:

  1. You must be 18 years or older to enter. You may not be an employee of Penguin or Portfolio Press.
  2. If you live in the US, Canada, or Puerto Rico, I will pay the shipping for the book. If you live outside these countries, you will have to Paypal me the shipping amount before I will send you the book.
  3. You must have a Twitter account and be following me on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/PullNews
  4. You must send the tweet below EXACTLY as it is written with no changes. You can only send this tweet once. You’re welcome to tweet it as often as you like, but only the first time counts.
  5. At the end of every day (by midnight Eastern Standard Time), I’ll choose one person at random who is a) following me and b) sent the tweet for the first time. I’ll send this person a direct message on Twitter asking for his/her address. I will send the book, signed, within a week or so. (Random numbers generated by Random.org)
  6. If you live outside the US, you’re responsible for any taxes, duties, or delays.
  7. This is for physical books only, no eBooks will be given away.
  8. If you don’t win, the book is available at all online bookstores and isn’t very expensive. Just click on the book cover at right. It will probably change your life, so please get it and read it, and if you don’t find it worth the cover price and can tell me exactly why, I’ll refund your money personally. So there. You can’t lose!

Here is the tweet to send, exactly as you see it below (do NOT use a URL shortener, it fits just fine):

Win a free business strategy future semantic web book from @PullNews. Pls RT. Info: http://thepowerofpull.com

If this is your first time to my web site, it’s huge. There are a lot of resources here. I encourage you to read the blogs, below, and to explore the links on the left. There’s a beginner section, a bookstore, a good place to learn definitions, and much more. In addition, here are some of my more (in)famous blog posts:

An Open Letter to Ray Ozzie
I Have a Dream – the Semantic Collaborative Work Space
An Open Letter to Steve Ballmer
Looking for a CEO to Help me Take On Facebook

And many more. You’re sure to learn something from my tweet stream, and those who want to follow my personal tweets are welcome to (emphasis on photography, kids, travel, and wacky ideas). Please tell business people about my book. And, if you know any journalists, tell them they can interview me and they won’t be sorry.

I’ll be back in October with two insightful blogs per week and to keep you updated on my quest to start the online data locker company.

David Siegel

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