The Personal Data Locker Vision Video

March 25, 2012

The phone is the new platform – everything is converging onto the “smart phone.” Soon, we’ll use our phones to manage our homes, purchase things, board an airplane, sign a document, get into our office buildings, and much much more. And yet today’s phones basically mimic our desktop computers. Do you really want to open a Word or Excel document on your phone? Come to think of it, why should everything be stored on your phone? Why download any apps at all? Why are your contact lists still scattered across several different devices and apps? Wouldn’t you rather have access to unlimited storage, unlimited data, any app every written, any movie ever made, any music ever played, and any account you’ve ever opened? Wouldn’t you rather have one contact list, one place to get any piece of information, and one place to store all your personal data? Why store anything on the phone at all? Why have a smart phone with a handful of apps and a few GB of memory, when you can have a dumb phone with unlimited resources for a fraction of the price?

The answer to today’s scalability problems is the personal data locker. Watch this 8-minute video and see what you think:

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