The Economist issue on Smart Systems

November 8, 2010

The November 6th issue of the Economist contains a special report on smart systems. Rather than reading my blog today, I encourage you to get the magazine and devour it. As you read, you may click on the links below to check out some of the interesting sites mentioned. These links are all worth a visit, trust me:

  • OpenStreetMap – crowdsourced maps
  • Pachube – Enables real-time sensor experiments and deployments
  • FoodLogiq – Food supply chain transparency
  • Palantiri Systems – helps communities of people harness the power of sensors
  • Masdar City – a planned community in Abu Dhabi
  • PlanIT Valley – a model future city in Portugal (already built in software, as described in Chapter 8 of Pull)
  • Songdo City - a new sustainable community outside of Seoul, South Korea
  • City Forward - IBM’s smarter cities initiative
  • Google PowerMeter project – learn about the energy you use and make better-informed choices

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