Looking for a CEO to help me take on Facebook

August 15, 2010

I’ve been dreaming about this moment for a long time. I wanted to build the personal data locker ten years ago, but the infrastructure wasn’t there. It still isn’t, but it’s starting to emerge, and the time is right to start a new company that will take us all into the 21st century. It’s nice that Google is in the advertising business, Apple is in the hardware business, and Microsoft is standing out in left field wondering where the party is. The opportunity is now. I have to put a team together.

It starts with a business partner. This project is too big for me to do by myself. I need to get funding, build a team, design the experience, translate that into code, ship a beta, and get ten million people onto the platform before anyone else does. For that, I need to focus, and to focus while doing everything else right, I need a business partner. Here’s what I’m looking for, someone who:

  • Preferably lives in the Bay Area or in New York.
  • Has a strong track record as an entrepreneur – at least 3 successful exits.
  • Has taken investors’ money and provided good returns for them.
  • Has built a consumer-facing company or one with very high customer service.
  • Is all about execution – much better at executing than at vision.
  • Is a great manager and has a long list of people who would gladly work for her/him again.
  • Wants to build a culture of openness and support for employees.
  • Understands and enjoys sales.
  • Understands and loves building partnerships – has a big Rolodex of partner companies to call on.
  • Is ready for a big adventure.
  • Understands the value of open standards.
  • Appreciates that some or much of a company’s code can be open source.
  • Does not need a salary initially and is motivated by stock.
  • Reads my book and gets excited.
  • Reads my previous blogs and gets more excited.
  • Appreciates my role and sees a good fit between us.
  • Has the desire to build something big by starting small.

As I’ve said, I think I can get the funding for this project. It will need a lot of money, and I believe I know where it will come from.

I’m hoping people will read this and spread the word. Please tweet about it and reach out to your networks to help me find the right person, so we can build the next big company together.

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