The Future of the Internet and Business ...

… is under your mouse, right now.

This site will teach you about the semantic web and the business shift from pushing information to pulling it.

For entrepreneurs: Pull is the next big wave online. Over the next ten years, it will change the way everyone works. Start by learning the basics, then look for new opportunities in the foundations (principles), and domains (industries) areas. Read the blog and other blogs you see on the “friends” section to the left. Read the reviews of the book. Then buy the book and see all the coming opportunities for being part of the change.

For enterprise managers and planners: It’s likely that the shift has already begun in your industry. Start by learning the basics, then explore the concepts outlined in the foundations (principles), and domains (industries) areas. Order the book, and go to Project10x and get the report by Mills Davis. It will show hundreds of large companies already experimenting with and using new semantic technologies. Then look at the consultants’ page to see which consultants might be good for you to bring in to help you get started.

For investors: Stop looking at point solutions! Stop investing in single-trick “semantic” companies with “cloud computing” in their business plan summary. Look for companies that pass the semantic web acid test and start going to semantic web conferences you see on the calendar. Read the blog often. Read the book and help inform the investment community – one-off solutions are a fad and won’t scale up.

Finally, join our community or become a volunteer and help us change the way people around the world use information.