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Online security is tightly tied to identity. As I’ve shown in the identity section, a new kind of identity scheme is already here: OpenIDs, i-names, and identity cards. These will go a long way toward reducing identity theft and malicious schemes like phishing (when you get an email trying to get you to go to a phony site to login, so they can harvest your credentials). In addition, the personal data locker will help us reduce risks by preventing unwanted datamining and the spread of our information far and wide. Using an online data locker, you control your own information, you keep it under your own lock and key, and you allow access to it on an as-needed basis.


Several companies offer solutions today. I want to promote the Burton Group because they are so progressive. See their blogs and learn what they are doing to help us all stay safer online.

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Here are some of the companies and groups helping build this future:

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