This is the companion web site to my book, Pull, about the semantic web and pulling information. In 1999, I wrote a book called Futurize Your Enterprise, in which I predicted that 2010 is the year  the semantic web will start to pick up momentum. I believe I was lucky enough to have the timing right. That’s why I’ve spent the last two years writing this book and preparing this site. I believe we’ll look back on 2010 as the birthyear of the true semantic web. It’s an idea whose time has come.

We are a small group of people enthusiastic about building a community here. We invite you to contribute. Feel free to become a volunteer, write for us, tell us your stories, or contribute in your own unique way.

I am available for public speaking via the BrightSight group and for consulting on a day basis out of New York City. I am also looking for a consulting company to partner with to build a strategic planning semantic web practice. You can learn more about me professionally on my bio page and my LinkedIn profile.

Holger Buerger is our decisive content master and chief WordPress operator. He works at AT&T doing Lead Gen and other bleeding edge project for Online AdProducts.  In his free time he is building up a blog discussing etiquette guide lines for all aspects of life.

Abhishek Umadi lives in Bangalore, India, and works with Thomson Reuters on semantic interpretation of written and spoken language. He is passionate about the semantic web and its vision. He is our news desk editor.

Nishant Jain is a computer science student at Banaras Hindu University in Varanasi, India. He has been working on semantic web projects for a few years already. He does research for us, helping us find news items, companies, and projects that relate to the book’s topics.

Alex Mansfield is our incomparable WordPress ninja and PHP god. We recommend you hire him to create your site if you can get his time.

Contact us if you want to contribute in any way.