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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-09-17

September 17, 2012

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-07-02

July 2, 2012

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-01-02

January 2, 2012

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-10-24

October 24, 2011

  • RT @imavip: +1 RT @zimbalist: Fresh thinking in the online ad space: Semantic, page-level real-time targeting, sans cookies…. #
  • Programming the entire web gets even simpler: http://t.co/U6NqU7Ct #cool #technology #
  • RT @corones: I hope this is the future. RT @NewspaperWorld: The browser as a killer app – strong argument from @wblau… #
  • The world of sensors is coming, making data more pullable: http://t.co/NwKzdHGT #24eight #
  • RT @jamesstrock: GOOGLE ENGINEER: Here's Why Google+ Is Failing, And How We Can Start 'Doing This Right' http://t.co/EMYgwZ7K #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-11-15

November 15, 2010

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-11-08

November 8, 2010

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-10-25

October 25, 2010

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-10-18

October 18, 2010

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-10-03

October 3, 2010

  • No new entries in the contest today, so I'm going to pick two winners from yesterday and today combined and send out two books. #
  • FCC opens bandwidth for data and devices: http://ow.ly/2JVPb @readwriteweb #
  • Cool word processor designed specifically for the iPad: http://ow.ly/2J3YA #
  • The Mydex personal-information white paper is out. Followers, please read: http://ow.ly/2KL2S #
  • RT data.open.ac.uk :A #linkedata platform for exposing Institutional Repositories (via @dagoneye) http://bit.ly/aGnDLr #
  • If God has ever answered one of your prayers, you now know how datamining works – David Siegel #
  • RT @dvice: Shape-shifting robotic mannequin lets you try out clothes online http://bit.ly/coM9Jo #
  • Wow! Phil Simon on the business case for pulling information (#semweb): http://ow.ly/2KCVv #
  • Only TWO people have entered the book contest today so far – chances of winning are extremely good! http://thepowerofpull.com #
  • RT @dckc: ♺ @simonw: The Web for me is still URLs and HTML. I don't want a Web which can only be understood by running JavaScript. #
  • I'm not supporting any party or candidates this election. Instead, I'm donating to http://www.fixcongressfirst.org/ #
  • RT @timoreilly: Really good post from @cheeky_geeky about open government data and entrepreneurship. http://bit.ly/b7pf71 #gov20 #
  • Welcome to the Ultimate Transport Open Data! Every bus-stop, train, port and ferry mapped on the UK Map – http://bit.ly/csdICR #opendata #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-09-20

September 20, 2010

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-09-06

September 6, 2010

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-30

August 30, 2010

  • RT @kasujja: The End of the Oxford dictionary as we know it? http://bit.ly/9D9kkq #
  • Nice statistics of the Apple app store which touched a quarter million apps this week – http://bit.ly/bV9TIU #
  • Adoption of RFID Technology might reduce manual effort, but will definitely create new Employment – http://j.mp/cvqxZR #
  • Establishing a de facto standard for describing Linked Data datasets – http://bit.ly/bJYvHE #
  • Establishing a de facto standard for describing Linked Data datasets – http://bit.ly/bJYvHE #
  • The Challenge of Verifying Crowdsourced Information – http://j.mp/cyRqmL #
  • Future IT jobs will focus more on Data than Services – http://j.mp/d5Zknp #
  • Nine ways the semantic web can change marketing – http://j.mp/c05dIE #
  • Diaspora says they will go live on Sept 15th: http://ow.ly/2vNJu #JoinDiaspora #
  • Followers, do me a favor. I'm testing my new contest. Tweet this (not RT) today: THIS IS A TEST #pullnewstesting123 #
  • Helping build the early buzz on Speak With Me: http:/speakwithme.com #
  • RT @weesen: Leftronic Dashboards Optimize Your Data Displays http://j.mp/9OkZQY #
  • Bueda, a semantic web startup connects Marketers with the right people on Social Networks – http://j.mp/dj0rB4 #
  • Google phone calls take us closer to the day when we can say goodbye to ATT & Verizon: http://ow.ly/2voJ6 #
  • Wow, 2,000 people have now seen my history of information video, please send your friends: http://vimeo.com/11117216 #
  • Would you pay $10 per year for MUCH BETTER DNS service? It might be worth it: http://ow.ly/2uWZM #
  • Advertising and nutrition have one thing in common: nobody knows anything about either of them. #
  • Your phone will be your Wallet of the Future – http://j.mp/av7VZ8 #
  • The Top 10 YouTube videos on the Internet Of Things – http://j.mp/dD9CJM #
  • RT @kidehen: RT @DavidBromage: 10 ways data is changing how we live http://bit.ly/b30I6x #opendata #linkeddata #
  • RT @KJLTechnology: IBM's Jeff Jonas sits down to discuss how big data can help busine… http://bit.ly/aRRIEy #
  • RT @edorcutt: RT @qwade: Thur in Boston, some really amazing #Kynetx tech will be showcased. It will be one of those moments that will… #
  • "You can't build a reputation on what you are going to do" — Henry Ford #
  • I'm willing to bet there will be fewer than ten Apple stores in the world in 2021 (there are 300 now). #
  • 35 great social media Infographics – http://bit.ly/bWa5yR #
  • Popcorn, from Mozilla's Drumbeat labs, will help change video: http://ow.ly/2sWha #future #video #
  • Explore information maps with David McCandless on TED: http://ow.ly/2uzZJ #
  • SpringerLink Adds Semantic Linking to eBooks – http://bit.ly/dnCloU #
  • Apture: Highlight a phrase and pull relevant content from online sources including Wikipedia, YouTube and Twitter – http://bit.ly/9ZjlyN #
  • Coming up: I'm planning to give away a free book each weekday in September. Tell your friends to follow for details. #
  • Popcorn, from Mozilla's Drumbeat labs, will help change video: http://ow.ly/2t2LW #future #video #
  • A beautiful video on the 5 benefits of Linked Data – http://slidesha.re/bmiyBy #
  • Semantics for search – interview with Michael Marshall: http://ow.ly/2sHj1 #
  • Tracking students and school equipment with RFID Tags – http://j.mp/bQ4e7j #
  • Thank you for your reviews on Amazon.com and BN.com – If you haven't reviewed the book, please do so! http://ow.ly/2tAT3 #
  • RT @TED_Tweets: David McCandless: The beauty of data visualization – David McCandless (2010) http://bit.ly/aGZ83l #
  • Have I mentioned how AWESOME Freebase Gridworks is? http://code.google.com/p/freebase-gridworks/ #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-23

August 23, 2010

  • Esther Dyson on the future of search: http://ow.ly/2sE2e #google #bing #search #
  • Here comes Gridworks!! RT @fbase: @pullnews #freebase gridworks is available from http://bit.ly/cXJgG8 #
  • FairTax is not a flat tax or a VAT. It's a smart solution to an insane situation: http://fairtax.org #
  • Startups create new products 4 new markets. If it were easy, hundreds of companies would have already done it. Don Dodge: http://ow.ly/2rFCp #
  • I refuse to retweet Scoble unless, of course, he is retweeting me. (But I retweet myself.) #
  • 41 comments for Pull at Amazon.com – who will make it 50?? http://ow.ly/2rpl8 #
  • I've tweeted this before, but you MUST see the Freebase Gridworks demo video, even if they never launched it: http://vimeo.com/10081183 #
  • Getting ready to launch my big Pull promo contest this September. Details in a few weeks … #
  • Google places Machine Learning algorithms on the cloud – http://j.mp/9kbnVn #
  • Will Facebook's places crush FourSquare? – http://j.mp/dnz5ij #
  • I refuse to retweet Scoble unless, of course, he is retweeting me. (But I retweet myself.) #
  • RT @alanmeckler: RT @Mediabistro: The Facebook Places privacy settings you need to know: http://mbist.ro/cFxkFe (via @AllFacebook) #
  • Another way to say it: #Intel buys #McAfee to make shareholders more secure (as netbooks, tablets, and smartphones crush PC sales). #
  • RT @marcedavis: "Innovation is a team sport" — jim_adler, Intelius at #pii2010. #
  • PatientPrivacyRights.org announces new patient privacy risk calculator: http://patientprivacyrights.org/privacy-Risk-Calculator/ #
  • Intel buys McAfee to make Internet of Things more secure – http://j.mp/aPMXxZ #
  • Wow, food security heat maps! http://www.ipcinfo.org/news.php #
  • Another nail in Microsoft's coffin: http://ow.ly/2rym2 #
  • Erik Bower on agile marketing: http://ow.ly/2i5G1 #
  • I’d rather read camera reviews from people I don’t know at DPReview.com than read camera reviews written by my friends (sorry, friends). #
  • Jeff Veen: How to hack your conference session and make it more interesting: http://www.veen.com/jeff/ #
  • Designing web-based apps for the iPad: http://ow.ly/2ptQv #
  • The future is uncertain. Whether you lead or follow depends on how deeply you embrace the principles of pull. #
  • Tom Friedman: "Structural problems need structural solutions": http://ow.ly/2revf #
  • A questionnaire by W3C for you to cast your vote on the next steps of RDF – http://bit.ly/daioY9 #
  • Sometime this month, the 5 billionth device will connect to the Internet – http://bit.ly/aInMwu #
  • Google voice-driven app for your smart phone really works. Get it now and start talking to your phone rather than typing: http://ow.ly/2pvIj #
  • IT consulting firm IDC reports that every dollar a company spends on a Microsoft product results in an additional $8 of IT expenses. #
  • RT @techformedia: ★ Link by Link: In Google-Verizon Deal, Fears for Privacy http://ff.im/-pj2FM #
  • RT @techformedia: Global Collaboration Survey Reveals Collaboration Challenge http://ff.im/-pl25N #
  • David Siegel is looking for a co-founder to start a newco to help people manage their personal data. See http://thepowerofpull.com #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-16

August 16, 2010

  • A brilliant example of Intelligent Medicine: A pill that reminds you of your next dose – http://j.mp/cGxmmI #
  • Learning to use the @ sign in Twitter, courtesy of @msuster: http://ow.ly/2p8dh #
  • The progress of Internet of Things – http://bit.ly/bfnB0u #
  • Just finishing up my Personal Data Locker video: 8.5 min. If you want to see it, book me for a talk! #
  • iGlue: A semantic search tool for your browser – http://j.mp/cUQ04e #
  • It's funny that the one word that's supposed to mean "precise meaning" is the one word most people find confusing: "semantic." #
  • MUST SEE preso by Chris Messina on the Open Web: http://ow.ly/2kBTD #
  • China decides to take the lead on Internet of Things – http://dlvr.it/3jcCV #
  • Thanks to Semantic Universe and #Semtech for editing and presenting my SF keynote: http://vimeo.com/13942000 Please share. #semanticweb #
  • Flattr: A social payments startup with a micro payments platform – http://j.mp/9ahGIq #
  • The Internet Of Things with GainSpan chip – http://bit.ly/bSFRKY #
  • Streaming media systems and Streaming Music providers – http://bit.ly/bGhYN1 #
  • Microsoft Bing collaborates with Wolfram|Alpha – http://bit.ly/bA672q #
  • RT @ScottKirsner: Wow: a billion-dollar streaming deal for Netflix and EPIX – http://bit.ly/ae8qcH #streaming is the future! #
  • The rapid growth of Wireless Data Market in U.S. for Q2 2010 – http://bit.ly/ayqghe #
  • More hospitals adopt Electronic Records and Wireless mobility – http://bit.ly/9zjs2O #
  • RT @eco_bach: 'Good souls hacking at the branches of evil, none striking at the root.' Lawrence Lessig http://lessig.blip.tv/file/3945764/ #
  • Google Wave RIP – more text-based tools from Google (so what?). Let's see what they do with Freebase … #
  • If you have the incredible Apple Magic Mouse, which I highly recommend, you'll want this charger and battery set: http://ow.ly/2hyzi #
  • Phil Simon is now tweeting about the future of small business: @thenewsmall – follow him! #
  • Small businesses: Help Phil Simon build the next book you need to read. New publishing model for the New Small: http://ow.ly/2n8XZ #
  • A beautiful introduction to Ontologies – http://bit.ly/aPPJA4 #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-09

August 9, 2010

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-01

August 1, 2010

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-07-26

July 26, 2010

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-07-19

July 19, 2010

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-07-12

July 12, 2010

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-07-05

July 5, 2010

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-28

June 28, 2010

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-20

June 20, 2010

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-13

June 13, 2010

  • New York celebrates the Internet Week with QR Codes – http://bit.ly/cY6Pn6 #
  • For new people, please see my short history of information video: http://vimeo.com/11117216 #
  • Thanks! RT @kvashee An Open Letter to Steve Ballmer http://bit.ly/bRqKUC Great read! #
  • Program the "Internet of Things" with IBM's Mote Runner Operating System – http://bit.ly/c1q5Rq #
  • W3C Library Linked Data Incubator Group for the Library Community – http://bit.ly/dB2ESO #
  • The City of Los Angeles adopts Google Apps as a Cloud Service – http://bit.ly/axmIBL #
  • Google estimates how much Microsoft could save if they really used cloud-based services: http://ow.ly/1Xm57 #
  • Great blog on designing for the network (via John Hagel): http://ow.ly/1Xdey #
  • I pointed you to an interesting blog this morning, but it wasn't Mike's. Here it is: http://www.mikearauz.com/ #
  • Crazy! I'm on Fox News: http://ow.ly/1X3wi #
  • For new people, please see my short history of information video: http://vimeo.com/11117216 #
  • Is your company in the Sustainability Consortium? (pass it on): http://www.sustainabilityconsortium.org/ #
  • I wish the guys at @joindiaspora would read my book. If you know them, please tell them (they don't answer email) #
  • According to Financial Times, Google is phasing out Windows for its workers, encouraging everyone to use Mac or Linux because of malware. #
  • Michael Porter has solved our health care problem, and his solution is in every bookstore (similar to my situation): http://ow.ly/1Wtid #
  • #WIF10 Seventh Generation CEO practices "radical transparency" #
  • #WIF10 Talking about legal documents? Read the legal chapter in my book, Pull. (hint – NO paper documents) #
  • #WIF10 The second you print something, the information dies. The value may not, but the information does. Hint: #ipad #
  • #WIF10 Xerox makes tree-saving, water-saving paper. How about NO paper? #
  • WOW: RT @InnosightTeam: Cool! RT @ramonray: Because of Wendys pres at WIF – I just volunteered with NFTE – #WIF10 #
  • RT @alanmeckler: Nadine Cheung is now posting about job opportunties on all of our blogs. http://bit.ly/66AobQ #
  • #WIF10 Wow! For the first time, my book is first result on Amazon.com when you simply type in the word "Pull" (used to be a door pull) #
  • #WIF10 Seth Godin inspiring with a gold-and-black vertical striped tie! #
  • #WIF10 a good inspiring talk by @thisisseth – follow him and read his blog: http://sethgodin.typepad.com/ #
  • #WIF10 Good talk by Seth Godin, but I think Dan Pink's message is sharper: http://ow.ly/1Wa4W #
  • #WIF10 Finally, a good exercise – the clapping exercise. Fun and on the money. #
  • #WIF10 Don't forget, follow me on @_dsiegel as well (my new personal twitter account) #
  • #WIF10 Seth is wearing a charcoal gray suit with a gray-blue shirt and a gold tie with black vertical stripes. What does that say? #
  • Day 2 at #WIF10 – looking for the unexpected surprises … #
  • #WIF10 Wow, 400,000 people join Twitter every day! #
  • #WIF10 In my opinion, Twitter is a desert of attention – the wells, pools, and puddles of value are few and far between. #
  • #WIF10 – Weigand: Starbucks solicits ideas and gets lots of them: http://mystarbucksidea.force.com/ #
  • #WIF10 "Customer service is the new marketing": Andreas Weigend #
  • W3C publishes first working draft of RDFa API- http://bit.ly/dm3h1V #
  • #WIF10: Chip Heath is good, but Rory Sutherland is better: http://ow.ly/1VPH4 #
  • #WIF10 This part about motivating people to change is good: make the goals more reachable. #
  • #WIF10: Listening to Chip Heath now. To be honest, Rory Sutherland is better: http://ow.ly/1VPi8 #
  • #WIF10 Chip Heath – focus on what works. Seek it out, study it, and apply it. #
  • #WIF10 So far, a pretty good presentation by Chip Heath. His book is worth looking into: http://ow.ly/1VOBM #
  • #WIF10 The people with the best analogies become authors, consultants, and speakers. Then the rest of us have to get the job done. #
  • #WIF10 A good report on upcoming changes in media: http://nimble.razorfish.com/publication/?m=11968&l=1 #
  • RT @Hamlet: @fothman: GREAT IDEA: RT @onepinktee: Heres a way to innovate #wif10 – have Michael Porter interview Pfizer CEO Kindler #
  • #wif10 During the break, read my blog on how Microsoft can innovate its way out of its current mess: http://thepowerofpull.com #
  • #WIF10 @MichaelEPorter – clueless about tax reform and the reality of today's markets? #
  • #WIF10 I know he's Michael Porter and all, but his message on health care is more interesting than his views on the economy. #
  • RT @merkapt: RT @InnosightTeam: RT @MichaelEPorter: Slides from my talk at #wif10: http://bit.ly/9Bkkcl #
  • #WIF10 "Twitter search is busy, please try again later." #
  • #WIF10 Oh dear, now Howe is treating us to the history of media and social media when he could be telling us about health care innovation. #
  • #WIF10 – Michael Howe talking about Minute Clinic: http://minuteclinic.com/en/USA/ #
  • #WIF10 @MichaelEPorter: Great talk. I recommend his book. I have a complimentary chapter in my book: http://thepowerofpull.com #
  • #WIF10 @MichaelEPorter: Also redesign health care around patient segments (YES!) #
  • #WIF10 @MichaelEPorter: advocates reorganizing health care around conditions to avoid the provider silos. Says this can reduce costs by 50%. #
  • For the next two days, set up a column in your tweet client to follow #WIF10 – it should be fun. #
  • For the next few days, I'm going to alternate my tweets, encouraging people to also follow me on @_dsiegel – please follow both! Thanks. #
  • #WIF10 @MichaelEPorter: Migraine example is better – why not reorganize health care around diseases? See http://gawande.com/ #
  • #WIF10: @MichaelEPorter: While listening to Porter's talk, this is a helpful resource:… #
  • #wif10: @MichaelEPorter: Hmm, example about diabetes not very impressive. Waiting for something a bit more systemic. #
  • #WIF10: @MichaelEPorter: The healthcare bill passed earlier this year is a good start, but we have to focus on value. #
  • Porter says the business model for health care was abandoned by other businesses decades ago. #
  • Wow, Michael Porter in the house! Learning about overhauling health care. #
  • WATCH #WIF10 on Fora.tv live right now! #
  • Here I am at #WIF10 – I'm installed and ready to blog! First up is Michael Porter on fixing health care. #
  • #TDC10 – thanks for a great conference! To all my new friends, please follow me on @_dsiegel (including the underscore) #
  • Getting ready for #WIF10 tomorrow – looks like a great event! I'll be tweeting and blogging for the next 2 days about it. #
  • Underbelly video report from last week's Thinking Digital conference (I'm in it): http://ow.ly/1UZB1 #
  • Over 1100 people have seen my video on the history (and future) of information: http://vimeo.com/11117216 #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-06

June 6, 2010

  • RT @gfriend: RT @designersaccord: Reading about swarm creativity and Collaborative Innovation Networks (COINs): http://bit.ly/11jboE #
  • Everyone, please follow my personal tweets: @_dsiegel separately (don't forget the underscore) – thanks. #
  • Friends – I have just established @_dsiegel as my personal Twitter name. PLEASE follow me there as well; you'll get more value & relevance. #
  • Cool stuff: http://www.memoriesforlife.org/ #
  • RT Thanks!! @jfalfaya: Recommended!!!! @PullNews blog: 'An open letter to Steve Ballmer' #Microsoft http://ht.ly/1TYrS #
  • Watching #pdf10 and agree with @kanter and @afine – I talk a lot about the silo mentality in my book, Pull. #
  • If you're not at #PDF10 you should be watching it live here: http://personaldemocracy.com/live #
  • Next week's semantic web meetup is for people in financial services – don't miss it! http://ow.ly/1U30f #
  • Apologies for my server problems. Many people were frustrated, but the blog should be up now: http://thepowerofpull.com #
  • Try today's blog, I think you'll like it: http://thepowerofpull.com #
  • RT @jeffk8900: "It is time to start to blow up silos." David Siegel @pullnews #
  • Another blistering blog post by David Siegel: http://thepowerofpull.com #
  • I just got a Quora invite. Am I lucky or a sucker? We'll see … #
  • RT Thanks Sarah!! @sarahlance: Learn about semantic web from David Siegel, @pullnews, History of Information …http://bit.ly/97jlnT #smchat #
  • Over 1.000 people have now seen my video on the history of information: http://vimeo.com/11117216 #
  • Social Semantic Web Meetup this Thursday. I'll be there: http://semweb.meetup.com/25/calendar/12996855/ #
  • RT @herbkim: DATES for Thinking Digital 2011 – Tues, 24 May through Thurs, 26 May 2011. Registration now open at http://bit.ly/9p3Ugb #
  • Welcome to all my new twitter friends and followers from #TDC10 – what a great time we had! #
  • Sorry I didn't post to my blog yesterday. I just got back from #tdc10 – will have something interesting this thursday!! #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-05-30

May 30, 2010

  • What a fun day at #TDC10 – lots of cool people to meet. Even the Microsoft people were cool! #
  • Don't mention #elephantpolo – I wouldn't want EVERYONE using that hashtag as a viral tip on my talk. #
  • Woo hoo! RT @ThinkingDigital: RT @PaulMiller: "What we do online and how we do it matters," says @PullNews #tdc10 #
  • Welcome and thanks to all the fascinating people who've joined me as a result of my talk at #tdc10 – what a fantastic experience! #
  • Having an awesome time at #tdc10 – @herbkim and the team are world class. #
  • Sitting next to a great guy named Christian Payne, follow him: @documentally #TDC10 #
  • Sitting in the main hall at Thinking Digital #tdc10 – GREAT speakers, beautiful city (Newcastle), fantastic crew, inspring day. #
  • Good article on the real-world implementation of sensors in things: http://ow.ly/1O6sO #